Season 4 Episode 3 [12:33]

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In this episode Elisabeth, Ryan and Keegan try their luck at the “Don’t Say It!” game, Evan explains how to dive off a cliff and Talia and Katherine tell us about Sens Skills.  Dillon, Alex and Cameron tell the Ancient Greek story of Odysseus and the Cyclops. Sydney, Kayla and Lauren perform their version of Echo and Narcissus. Calysta, Greg and Sheridan leave Mr. Toft a voicemail .

All Music and sound effects were either created by us or used with permission:

WW – Greenroom (Music Alley)
Heavy Hitter –
The Music Box (Theme) –
The Transcendence of the Ancient Ones – Joe Mejer (
Various Sound Effects – FTC Publishing

The ancient Greek plays were based on scripts available at


2 Responses to “Season 4 Episode 3 [12:33]”

  1.   Spencer Says:

    It is all choppy!!!!


  2.   Nathan Toft Says:


    Sorry to hear you had trouble. Try right clicking on “Listen” and click on “Save Target As” or “download” and then play the file off of your computer.


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