Season 5 P.O.V. #6 [2:24]

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We were talking about concussions that result from playing hockey. Our class had a number of opinions as to whether or not this is a big deal or something that we should be worried about.

Click here to listen Season 5 P.O.V. #6

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  1.   AB CE MA-C Says:

    We are from B.C. We found your book ” Our Class Podcast”. That’s how we found your website.Is it one class in the picture on the back of the book? Do you do the podcast every day of every year? That podcast was very well done.


    •   Jane Smith Says:

      Thank you for the comment. The picture on the back of the book is actually two classes, my class and Mr. Toft’s class. When we wrote the book, Mr. Toft and I taught across the hall from each other in a portapac (portable classrooms attached with a hallway). That is when we started podcasting. Since then we have each had 5 new classes and are now at two different schools but we still collaborate. Some of our podcasts are just my class. Some of our podcasts are just Mr. Toft’s class and some are both classes together. I am glad that you are enjoying the podcasts. I hope that you enjoy the book as well. If you have any more questions please ask. Mr. Toft and I are happy to write back and our classes think that it is pretty cool that people in B.C. can hear the work that we are doing in Ottawa. Let us know if you do a podcast so that we can listen.


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