Season 5 P.O.V. #7 [1:40]

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The students who make Portable Radio made this in response to Elections Canada reporting that very few young people participated in the last federal election.  

The students you hear have all taken the “Future Voter’s Pledge”.  That is to say, they have promised to participate in elections when they are old enough.

We challenge anyone who isn’t old enough to vote to take the same pledge.  Just download the certificate and fill it out.  This will symbolize the promise you are making to yourself to participate in Canada’s democratic system.


Download “Future Voter’s Pledge”

14 Responses to “Season 5 P.O.V. #7 [1:40]”

  1.   mmemarnie Says:

    Partager vos connaissances avec les autres élèves, les familles et les membres de notre communauté au sujet de l’élection est une superbe idée! Nous pouvons engager nos amis et nos familles en discussions. Les discussions permettent de comprendre l’importance de respecter les différents points de vue. Ceci nous permet de créer nos propres opinions et d’ensuite s’exprimer de façon bien informé. J’ai hâte de vous écouter à la radio demain matin !
    Merci encore pour une autre émission de qualité ! BRAVO ! Mme Marnie


  2.   Sean M. Says:

    Hi Portable Radio Podcasters!
    You brought up some very good points for the election! Keep up the great work!


  3.   annabelle Says:

    je ne veux pas voter parce que si je vote pour un certain personne,et il ne gange pas,quest -on vas faire?


  4.   Katelyn Says:

    I liked how you talked about the elections, because it is a important event that is taking place right now in Canada, and you are talking about how children should be able to vote.


  5.   Haven 412 Says:

    The portable Radio kids did a goodjob on the topic of voting.They used great ideas of what they are going to do when they can vote.Some of the ideas mabe me think
    about how I shoul vote.For example,voting for the party that will give me what I need for life.


  6.   Rory Says:

    I think we should vote because it will give kids a good
    idea on elections.I liked how you talked about the
    different stuff like:lower taxes,health care and more.


  7.   Roshan Says:

    I liked how you talked about the election and gave some good opinions of what you think about election, good job!


  8.   fiona Says:

    They are making a pledge for voting when they are older and these are some reasons why:
    - Because the taxes are too high and they need to be changed lower.
    - Other countries are not aloud to vote and we are but in the countries other people want to vote so they’re countrie could be ruined because they don’t have a say in it and they would love to.
    - If they want they’re canadian gouverment to be the way they like, then you must vote or have no complains.


  9.   Harsimran Says:

    Francais: je pence que vous avez raison, que on doit voter et voici quelque exemple:les enfants vont savoir les differents chefs de chaque groupe,dans notre ecole, il y a beucoup de bavardage de le comme dans ma classe(class de Mme.Marnie)on discute de qui on veut qui gagne et qui on veut pas qui gagne et pourquoi on peut pas voter .Le question le plus commun et <>,et les enfants on pas la chance de faire quelque chose grande pour cette pays/monde et les election sont une grande chose et avec les enfant on va avoir plus de vote and je pence que c’est OBLIGATOIRE que les enfant peux voter.
    English: I thing you guys are right, we should be able to vote and here are a few reasons from my opinion : they would know different party leaders and groups,in our school there’s alot of gossip about it like in my class(Mme.marnie’s class)we discuss who we think should win the elections or not win the elections and why we can’t vote and the most common question is “Who are your parents voting for?”,and children barely do somthing big for this world/country and elections is a big thing and with children we get evn more votersand it’s thier chance to do somthing big for this country.I say it’s MANDATORY that children should vote.


  10.   Sidney Says:

    Je pense que c’est une bonne idée que les enfants votent parce qu’ils peuvent donner leurs opinions sur qui doit être Premier Ministre.


  11.   Mrs Kemp's class Says:

    Dear Mr. Toft’s Class,

    We listened to your podcast. Great job and congratulations on being on CBC radio!

    We have been talking about the same things in our classroom. We are writing persuasive letters about lowering the voting age to 16 years old. What does your class think of that idea?

    From Mrs. Kemp’s Gr 7/8 Class at W.H. Day Elementary
    Bradford, Ontario


  12.   Mr. Toft Says:

    We got this response from the Green Party:


    Dear Mr. Toft:

    Our apologies for the delay in responding to your email, we experienced a large number of incoming emails around election day.

    Thank your for sharing this.  The Green Party works hard to engage youth in the democratic process and your efforts are inspiring.


    Information Officer


  13.   Sugitha J Says:

    Bravo la classe de Mr.Toff!J’ai vraiment aimé comment vous VEZ utuliser levocabulaire EXPRESSIVE!


  14.   Austin Says:

    Great to hear that you are so excited to take part in voting. It is great to know that the upcoming generation will be interested and involved in politics!

    Thank you for pledging to vote and support our Canadian democracy!

    Austin Jean
    Campaign Manager for Pierre Poilievre


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