Season 6 P.O.V. #1 [1:17]

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Portable Radio is back for its 6th season!

Here is our first “Portable Radio Point of View”:

Who should decide where to sit in class: the student or the teacher?


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  1.   Sophia Hanna Says:

    This is sooooo cool! I love the name of your little radio, and I like how this is a kind of debate thing!
    In my opinion, it depends on the students. If the students pick, then there might be problems with not paying attention, getting along, goofing around. And if the teacher picks, then those problems are definitely going to happen! SO what I’ve always gone by, is let the teacher pick, and then if I don’t like where I am, explain why to the teacher after class, and ask to move.

    Great show guys!
    Please comment on my blog too!
    My class is having a competition on who can get the most comments by Monday.


  2.   Jane Smith Says:

    I was listening to podcasts on my iPod today. Has it been 6 seasons already? How wonderful to hear new voices. This is a great start to the new year.
    I could hear that you were working on speaking carefully and slowly so that your opinions are easily heard and understood by the listener. This is a tricky skill to master when someone has a microphone in your face.
    I was wondering how many in the class were surprised at how they voices sounded on the podcast.
    Everyone who participated had good points of view and a reason. I liked that. The reason gave your opinion some weight showed that you had given some thought to the opinion.
    Keep your eyes open for issues that you can use in class for future “Points of View”. I look forward to meeting your class soon.


    •   Nathan Toft Says:

      Hi Jane,

      I wish I could take credit for getting the students to speak so clearly, but they all did that on their own. This makes for a very exciting season, don’t you think.

      It’s true, many of my students did find that their voices sounded funny. We talked about how the voice only sounds funny to one person; the person who that voice belongs to!

      Thanks for your kind comments. We look forward to meeting your soon.


  3.   star23 Says:

    this is so cool i like your blog it has details and tells a kid like me where to sit so they could learn the best.You should check out my blog somethime :)


    •   Nathan Toft Says:

      Hi Star23,

      Thanks for taking the time to listen to our first show of the season. I hope some of my students decide to visit your blog and leave a comment.

      It sounds like you prefer to have the teacher tell you where to sit. Is that true?


  4.   Miss B Says:


    Great start to the year. My class and I subscribe to your podcast. We have just recently, so we can’t say that we’ve heard all six seasons! Boy, you’ve been on air longer than most Network TV shows! Congrats!

    We’ve actually had a Portable listening lesson this year to break down why we’ve enjoyed listening to you. One of the items that made the list was your game “Don’t say it!”

    My grade 3/4 students will make sure to come and comment in the future.

    We’ve actually started our own podcast this year called Townshipper Pod. We dedicated our first episode to all old and new Portable Radio contributors because you inspired us to podcast!

    After listening to your point of view I am feeling a little guilty about picking my students’ sits…

    Miss B


    •   Nathan Toft Says:

      Hi Miss B,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I find it hard to believe this is season 6 already. This year’s “Portable Radio Kids” were beginning kindergarten when Portable Radio started! Some of my students saw a picture of me from six years ago and commented how young I look. I’ve decided to take that as a compliment.

      I’m going to share your comments with the students this week. We’ll also listen to your new Townshipper Pod. I hope your students enjoy the process.


  5.   13 Melanie Says:

    My voice sounds so different when I listen to it!


  6.   Maddie Says:

    For me it’s good to let the teacher decide where the students should sits. Like for example arranging them alphabetically by their name. So no one will be outcast or complain. This can also avoid friends form chatting while teacher is teaching.


  7.   George(cloud 9 student ) Says:

    Hi my name is George from cloud 9 in Palmerston north New Zealand. I personally think that the students should choose were they want to sit because they would know who they would work well with but if you get seen mucking about you should get moved to a place that teacher wants them to be.


  8.   flynn Says:

    Hi its Flynn from cloud 9,Russell street,Palmerston north. I recon that you should choose were you want to sit but you can still talk to your friends while your working and if you chose you can sit were people wont disturb you.


  9.   Bonnie Says:

    Who should decide where to sit in class: the student or the teacher?
    My Answer:
    For me the student should decide where he/she wants to sit, because this will make the student feel comfortable while on class.


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