Portable TV Episode ONE [8:03]

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Welcome to the first episode of Portable TV. This episode includes:

  • Don’t Say It Game
  • Roller Coasters
  • Jack Magic
  • Riddle Me This
  • Top 10 things we’ll miss about Mr. Hurd

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12 Responses to “Portable TV Episode ONE [8:03]”

  1.   Hailey Says:

    I love it i think we did a good job i cant wait to do it agin.


  2.   Amazing Mel Says:

    This is a great episode! That might explain why you went around filming us. I can’t wait to be in the next one. Wait, I am in the next one right?


    •   Nathan Toft Says:

      The art, roller coasters and social studies worked pretty well to divide up the segments of the show. I hope to put students in charge of that for the next episode.

      Students who weren’t on camera for Episode One will get first “dibs” on appearing in Episode 2. Of course, you’ll have to come up with a decent script to go along with it!


  3.   Chase Desautels Says:

    This is a really good idea for young classes.


  4.   Bff leila Says:

    That was awesome!!!Will I be able to go in the next epesode?I hope I do It sounds like fun!!!!!!!


  5.   Stephen Says:

    Great first effort! I love all the variety and graphics. Question? What programme did you use to make it?

    Stephen (Cloud 9)


  6.   mmemarnie Says:

    Bravo les amis! C’est super! Jack, comment as-tu fait ces trucs de magie? Cool!
    Mme Marnie


  7.   Coop Says:

    Mr.Toft PLEASE we need to show the world our bloopers!


    •   15 PaperHeroicToad (C.J) Says:

      OK, I’m starting a petition to show the Portable TV bloopers. Write a comment thats says yes to my petition! Please say yes.


      •   Nathan Toft Says:

        Hi Cooper,

        I’m glad you liked the bloopers on our first episode. I’m sure we’ll get a few more as we work on the second episode. Do you like seeing them after the credits like in Episode One?


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